Gas analizer “Foxy Lab” – Multi-Sensor systems for automatic early detection of ultra-low concentrations of toxic substances in the air.
Industrial safety at chemical industry enterprises operating with hazardous compounds and substancies,
space infrastructure facilities operating with toxic missle fuel and its components
Prevention of terrorist attacs using toxic gas warfare in crowded places (airports, subway stations, stations, supermarkets, exhibitions, stadiums)
Detectable substances in air: hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, propellant components, organophosphorus compounds, phenols, ammonia.
Operating mode: continuous in automatic mode
Operating time in continuous automatic mode without maintenance: 1 year.
Detection limit: 0.1 ppb;
Selectivity: the device detects toxic substances in the presence of natural, industrial and domestic air pollutants;
Detection time:  <5 minutes in automatic mode;
Dosimtry system for real time measurment of daly dose of toxic gas Gas exposure of personell.
The system is designed to monitor daily doses and emergency limits of exposure to toxic gases of personell, as well as for sanitary-hygienic and environmental control of air contamination by hazardous gases in continuous and in single-measurement modes.
It includes:
– Personnel entry / exit control system, working personalized for at least 100 people at a time
– automatic continuous gas analyzer intended for periodic measurement of the concentration of toxic gases in air ,
–  PC providing the measurement of the exposure time and the concentration of the target toxic gases, as well as the calculation of the personell daily dose.

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